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Essay 4 Specifications
Essay 4 is an argument essay in which you present and argue a claim (concerning the overall topic of Transhumanism) that is related to your research work in Essay 3. It should be 6 to 8 pages in length. Most of your sources will probably be from Essay 3, but you don’t have to incorporate any that you did not find useful and you may add as many as needed. The argument based on your claim should include at least two of the perspectives that you researched for Essay 3. Essay 4 will need in-text citations and a works-cited page. Use MLA style. Review the grading rubric criteria below for more information.
Remember, you are writing to inform and convince a fair and open-minded general audience. Your    goal is to generate informed interest in your topic and to convince the audience to understand, respect and support your position. Be sure to be very clear and complete with your documentation of sources – if you succeed, your readers will want to learn more about your topic, so make it easy for them!

Essay 4 Grading Rubric
Each of the 10 criteria can receive up to 2 points – the Essay is worth 20 points total
1.    The claim is stated clearly, the context of claim is given, and the claim is fully discussed in the essay.
2.    Necessary background information on the topic is given and explained.
3.    Two or more perspectives on the topic (from the Essay 3 work) are included.
4.    The argument is well constructed, and the argument structure and type are appropriate and effective.
5.    All aspects of the argument are supported by reason and by evidence that is relevant, reliable and accurate.
6.    Relevant counterarguments are discussed and refuted by reason and evidence.
7.    The essay is well constructed with a strong introduction and conclusion and strong cohesion and transitions.
8.    Sources are quoted, summarized and/or paraphrased appropriately and are acceptable for an academic paper.
9.    The in-text citations and the works-cited page documentation are complete and correct.
10.    The mechanics are well done – spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice and formatting are all correct and appropriate.


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