Designing an Inforgraphic for Geopolitical State of Affairs and E-Learning



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Using data and research, create an infographic of the geopolitical event and share it with your peers in your Learning Community discussion area. Your infographic will be a visual representation of
the current geopolitical event that affects your chosen sector of the eLearning industry and will serve to:
Display the data
Induce the viewer to think about the substance of the data
Clearly delineate data results
Present a substantial amount of data in a small space
Make the data visually coherent
Provide for comparison of data
Provide a clear purpose: description, exploration, and visual representation of data
You will complete this module’s Assignment by designing an Infographic in two parts.



Part 1: Sector and Geopolitical Event Selection and Research


Choose a sector of the eLearning industry as your focus (e.g., higher education, K–12 schools, corporate training, or personal/professional learning). Search the Walden Library, AECT journals,
and/or the web for significant geopolitical current events within the last 3 years that had an impact on your chosen eLearning sector. Identify the geopolitical event and collect the necessary
information and data about the event so that you can create your infographic.



Determine your geopolitical event and compile the data that will be used as the basis for the final infographic.