Desirees baby by kate chopin

Essay must choose TWO PRESUMPTIONS from the short story. MUST start with a quote. Quotes will be used and sited throughout the essay but MUST also be filled with era appropriate ideas and personal thoughts about the two presumptions.
presumption 1: Armand may be la blanche’s bio child . ideas: their close relationship that was not typical for the time period, relationship may have happened between his father and la blanche (his slave) because mother/wife did not leave paris to be with her husband in louisiana, mother wrote of his mother that cared for him in letter at the end of story. presumption 2: desiree committed suicide ideas: her sadness, husband blamed wife, her disappearance with child never to be seen again..
must have closing paragraph to tie it all together. Please do not turn this into an essay about racial issues in our society today.