Destination Management Organisation

As a newly joined member of the Destination Management Organisation, you
are tasked with developing a destination marketing report for Edinburgh.
You need to address the following in the report:
Part 1:
Conduct an analysis of Edinburgh (L02) (1200 words)
• Environmental factors affecting tourism in the destination
• Competitor analysis
• Market factors influencing destination marketing
• Destination Analysis using the 10As and TALC model
• Edinburgh promotional activities audit – advertising, websites, publicity,
PR, events, trade shows, sales promotion
• Brand audit using the five-stage brand pyramid
Part 2:
Conduct research as the basis of a strategic plan to enhance and
strengthen the identity and brand of Edinburgh, whilst developing tourism
in a sustainable manner (L03, L04) (2000 words)
• Propose a branding objective supported by a clear rationale
• Outline the profile of the key target markets that should be a priority for
• Propose a brand positioning statement that clearly defines how
Edinburgh will be positioned
• Outline a digital campaign that will increase the appeal of Edinburgh as a
destination – the campaign must aim to deliver the set brand objective
and increase the appeal of Edinburgh as a destination
• Recommend approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital
You should link your findings to academic theory and consider the effectiveness
of the marketing effort in stimulating tourism flows.