Destruction of Community in the Buffalo Creek Flood.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Destruction of Community in the Buffalo Creek Flood.

Eriksen, K. (1978). Everything in its Path: Destruction of Community in the Buffalo Creek Flood. Simon and Schuster: New York, New York.
“On the Culture of Central Appalachia”
This is a quote by the author, Kai Erikson: “The Appalachian way of life, then, like any other culture, can be visualized as a tangle of contrary tendencies . . . identify those axes of variation
that seem most characteristic of mountain society. . .”

2.Marketing Strategy by Ferrell and Hartline

• What are the broad issues? Who is involved in the case? What problems do they face? What is their situation like?
• What do the case question (located in the end of each case in the textbook) ask? Answer them. What issues in the course does the case involve? Make a list.
• Prioritize these problems (SWOT analysis). What issues are central to the problem?
• Develop a set of recommendations

3.Budget Planning and Control

Briefly discuss the ways a realistic budget will benefit the owner of Babycakes versus having no budget at all. Be sure to use Babycakes as the company and any specific product details in your
explanation. 2)Prepare a sales budget for the LA Babycakes store for the 4th quarter of 2016. Present the number of units, sales price, and total sales for each month; include October, November,
and December, and a total for the quarter. Use one-half of the Valentine’s Day sales as the basis for a usual day in the new quarter. Use 30 days for each month. Calculate the total sales for each
month for October, November, and December. 3)Create three (3) new products, one (1) for each of the three (3) holiday seasons in the 4th quarter. Estimate the sales units, sales price, and total
sales for each month. Describe the assumptions used to make these estimates. Include an overview of the budget in the report, presenting the actual budget as an appendix with all data and
calculations. Add these amounts to your sales budget. 4)The owner of Babycakes is interested in preparing a flexible budget rather than the static budget she currently uses. She does not understand
why, when sales increase, her static budget often shows an unfavorable variance. Explain how a flexible budget will overcome this problem. Use the details of your newly prepared budget for the 4th
quarter of 2016 to address her concem. 5)Imagine that Babycakes is facing a financial challenge that is causing the actual amount of money that it spends to become significantly more than its
budgeted amount. Include a discussion of your own unique cause of the overspending. Explain the corrective actions needed to address these challenges. 6)Integrate relevant information from at least
three (4) quality academic resources in this assignment.