Developing a Social Media Strategy for Stick Stick

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Stick Stick

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Supervisor: Docent Christian Bale Second assessor: Docent Sir Alec Fergusson Developed by:?John Smith 1111111

Stick Stick is a leading company on the graphics market. The subsidiary of Stick Stick Corporation has always created a substantial demand for its products and maintained stable relationship between car wrap shops and distributors. Convincing the first type of businesses to choose products of Stick Stick and providing them with information where to buy them is not an easy task. This paper identifies the drawbacks and the bottlenecks in the strategy of the company. Furthermore, it examines the ways in which the company can promote its products to car wrap shops in Europe and direct them to buy these products from the distributors of the Stick Stick Graphics, by utilizing social media as leverage for accomplishing this aim.
The purchasing behavior of those businesses is often influenced by diverse key factors. To understand these factors and the criteria by which car wrap shops made the choice a five- dimensional model was used. Furthermore, a web-based survey is conducted among the target group of the company to gather the necessary data, which is examined statistically. To assess the drawbacks and the bottlenecks of Stick Stick Graphics’ current communication strategy, an interview with a marketer with an expertise in the field was conducted.
The research paper provides a design of a social media communication strategy that promotes the products of Stick Stick Graphics and creates competitive corporate presence in the social media environment by utilizing Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as powerful mediums for generating customer engagement and brand awareness. Moreover, it presents a unique way to attract customers to the company’s distributors by using innovative tools and tactics for direct customer interaction. No longer will clients of the company have to go through the complex process in the website of Stick Stick Graphics to find the distributor that matches their needs.


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background information
Stick Stick is one of the leading companies worldwide within the business sphere of labeling and packaging materials and graphics solutions. The applications and technologies of the company are a fundamental part of products utilized in every main market field and industry. Operating in the business environments of more than 50 countries and with a staff of 30,000 employees globally, Stick Stick provides services with insights and extraordinary ideas that contribute to more inspiring image. The focus of this research was on the subsidiary Stick Stick Graphics and Reflective Solutions, based in Netherlands. (Stick Stick Corporation , 2013, “The Big Picture” section, para. 1)
The mission of the segment GRS is to be a leader in the branch of graphics solutions that identify, promote and inform. It aims at utilizing the extensive experience and creativity of its team to assist businesses around the world to bring their brand visions to reality in influential and exciting manners. (Stick Stick Graphics and Reflective Solutions , 2013, “Our Story” section, para. 1)
Some of the divisions’ main target groups can be identified as wrap shops, sign shops, and printers. All these are internally recognized with one collective term, converters. The unit has a broad field of expertise extending from roadway way finding and security signage to vivid display ads. A range of high-quality digital, sheet-fed, offset and screen printing and computer- cut are the lettering options produced and utilized by the company in applications such as: company fleets, public transport ads and road signage. (Stick Stick Corporation , 2013,”Business Summary” section, para. 3) The latest project of Graphics and Reflective Solutions is Supreme Wrapping Film. It is a high-quality car wrapping film introduced in a palette of 50 fashionable colors.
1.2. Problem Analysis
Stick Stick Graphics and Reflective Solutions has followed its mission and goal during the years, in order to become the current leader on the market of its branch. Nevertheless, the subsidiary needs an improvement in the communications between the division, converters and the distributors of the company. Currently, Stick Stick Graphics – Netherlands, does not have a strong and well recognized presence in the field of social media. The situation negatively results in two different ways.
Firstly, competitors of the company, which are already using well developed social media strategies, have the potential to promote their products more rapidly and efficiently than Stick Stick . Thus, they have faster reach of the same target audience, which is a potential market of GRS, and therefore also gain market share. Secondly, the weak presence of the segment in social media results in inconsistent customer relationships, low customer engagement and weak brand recognition. Consequently, all the three negative outcomes influence the relationships between the converters and the distributors of the company in a way that the converters are not attracted by the products. As a result, they are not steered to the distributors by the company.
1.3. Stick Stick Graphics – Objective
Stick Stick Graphics has the objective of building a faster operating business-to-business communication system with its customers (distributors and converters) in Europe, which will provide them with any kind of information relevant to the subject. More specifically, the Graphics and Reflective Solutions division has the aim of promoting its products to converters within the boundaries of Europe and provide them with sufficient information that they need, so that they will request products of Stick Stick from the company’s distributors. Thus the organization wants to strengthen the brand preference of converters for Stick Stick products among other leading brands in the business field of GRS. In order to accomplish these goals, the subsidiary wants to utilize social media as leverage in its mission. (Leli, Briefing with the Senior Marketing Communications Manager of Stick Stick Graphics , 2013)
1.4. Research Objective
The objective of this research was to design a solution that would have provided Stick Stick Graphics with a strategy for improving its presence within social media environment. This strategy is focused on promotion of Stick Stick Graphics’ products and services to converters and thus attracting them to distributors and requesting for these products. The goals are accomplished by initially understanding the drawbacks and bottlenecks of the company’s


current social media communication. Then the key factors, influencing the converters’ choice of Stick Stick ’s products, have to be identified. Furthermore, the research has the aim to investigate the specific preferences of the converters for social media content, which will make them more engaged with the company. Finally, it is focused on understanding in what manner do the converters prefer to receive the specific content.
1.5. Research Questions 1.5.1. Advice Question
In order to provide the right advice for Stick Stick Graphics, the research had to present findings on the following question: How could Stick Stick improve the efficiency of social media communication in order to utilize it as a tool for promotion of its products to the market chain, and for communication with converters?
1.5.2. Central Questions
Based on the objectives of this study, there were two central questions that were set to steer the process of investigation and design of an appropriate social media strategy for GRS. In the end, the research should have introduced conclusions about the core drawbacks and bottlenecks of the Stick Stick Graphcis’ current social media communication regarding the needed information by the converters. Moreover, it should have identified the key factors that influence the choice of converters for Stick Stick Graphics’ products, which are introduced on the Europe market.
1.5.3. Sub-questions
Starting from the central questions, the research was segmented into several sub-topics that had to be investigated in details. They were designed with the goal to provide more specific information, so that accurate answers to the main questions could be produced. One of the most essential sub-topics was focused on understanding the current communication strategy of Stick Stick Graphics. Moreover, it had to be found what the specific preferences of the converters are, in terms of content on the social media profiles of GRS. Another information that was considered as important supportive point in the research was related to understanding the product characteristics, which the converters perceive as essential in their buying behaviour.


1.5.4. Justification of the Research
The purpose of this research was to investigate the current social media strategy of Stick Stick Graphics and Reflective Solutions, in order to identify specific drawbacks and bottlenecks influencing the communication of the company with converters. Furthermore, the study was aimed at understanding the profile of this customer group in terms of buying behavior and communication with the subsidiary. Thereby, the investigation recognized the existing gaps in the current communication strategy of the company with the converters. It also provided conclusions about the criteria by which this customers base their choice of car wrapping film. Finally, the findings from the study contributed to identify the most influential manner that the converters might be approached.
All of the information gathered in the research was based equally on desk and field research. The desk research phase included related books and online literature. The field research encompassed an interview with a person with long time expertise and social media communication expertise. Furthermore, a field research was conducted among the target audience of Stick Stick Graphics, which sought for specific opinions relevant to the topic. In the end of the research, the findings from the desk research were used as a foundation for decision on which social media tools will be included in the communication strategy. On the other hand, the information collected from the field research was utilized to introduce different perspective related to the issue.


Chapter 2: Situation Analysis?2.1. Internal Environment Analysis
As previously discussed, Stick Stick Graphics is working within a closed market chain including distributors, converters and end users. The focus of this research was pointed at the first two types of customers, because of their direct relation to the issue.
2.1.1. Distributors
Distributors in the context of Stick Stick Graphics’ business are characterized as companies engaged with the processing, promotion and transportation of products from their own warehouses to converters (wrap shops). These companies are global suppliers of sign making and specialty graphics industry. Particularly, they are specialized in the sale, distribution and service of/ for digital printing, cutting and milling systems, the associated media and aluminum sign systems. In general, the distributors are provided with products of Stick Stick directly by the company and then the materials are processed and distributed by them to converters. (Figure 1) Hence, the distributing companies obtain the function of “warehouses” for Stick Stick ’s products with the main aim to deliver them to converters as rapid as possible. Usually, the orders by the converters are made to distributors and rarely to Stick Stick . Therefore, the company aimed at developing better communication with converters, by using social media as leverage to steer them towards the services of the distributors. (Roos, Briefing with the Senior Marketing Communications Manager of Stick Stick Graphics , 2013)
2.1.2. Converters
The other group of customers involved in the market chain is the wrap shops, which is also recognized internally by Stick Stick with the term converters. These are small businesses working within a team of several professionals, which receive the project or often only the general idea for a car wrap from the end customer. Then, the project or the suggestion is tailored to customer’s preference by creating a design with suggested materials (wrapping films) by the team of the wrap shop. After the wrapping plan is finished, an order for the specific materials is sent to distributors. As soon as the ordered products are delivered to the wrap shop, they are applied on the vehicle according to the plan designed by the professional crew. Overall, converters are the other strategic retailers of Stick Stick ’s products, which maintain direct business relationships with distributors and end users. These stakeholders are the linking part between distributors and end customers in the retail process. (Mons, year)
2.1.3. Stick Stick Graphics
As a globally recognized leader in its branch and over 75 years of experience, Stick Stick manufactures and vends high-quality products for several industries worldwide. In 2011, the enterprise reaches over $6 billion in sales, which success consolidates its leading place on the market. In order to keep its position of a top rated and a pioneer brand in the business field, the organization maintains stable communications with distributors and converters. (Stick Stick Corporation , 2013, “The Big Picture” section, para. 8)
Presently, the promotion and communication process consists of providing converters with any kind of information for distributors via e-mail, event participation, a website, phone calls and insignificant part of them through Facebook and YouTube. Stick Stick had as an objective to influence the converters in a way that they will contact distributors requesting explicitly for products of Stick Stick . However, the organization wanted to use social media as an additional leverage tool to strengthen its presence in the social media landscape and thus the communication process with distributors and converters. Currently, it has an insufficient achievements and particular results in the field of social media marketing communications and this need to be improved. Compared to other competitors’ Facebook pages, the page supported by Graphics and Reflective Solutions has poor performance in terms of customer engagement considering “likes”, comments and provoked discussions.
By making a comparison to other Facebook pages of similar products, Stick Stick ’s Supreme Wrapping Film Facebook page seems to be competitive enough to become a leading one in its business field. Analyzing the statistics that the Supreme Wrapping Film Facebook page shows, it was identified that the performance of the page for the period, February 12 – February 18 is significantly progressive for a recently launched page. Other essential data provided by the figure is the age groups of people that are like the page and what number of people reached it. There are two groups of visitors on different age that stand out from the others in terms of likes of the page. The first one is 25-34 and represents 32,3% of the total visitors and the second one is 35-44 and represents 26,7% of them. Moreover, the statistics show that a significant percentage of these visitors are located in Germany and Netherlands. The bigger part of them is German speaking, which is followed by English and Dutch speaking people. Last but not least, it should be taken into account that 84,8% of the visitors are men and only 14,1% are women, which data leads to explicit conclusions. (Confidential Facebook report)
Therefore, the organization wanted its brand to be clearly recognized in the social media environment and thus to strengthen its presence. By implementing such a strategy, Stick Stick aims at understanding of some specific needs of converters and satisfy them. Last but not least, another goal of the organization was to attract a significant number of potential customers (converters) by building up social media presence. (Mons, year)
2.2. External Environment Analysis
This section of the report will provide an analysis of the factors that influence the problem of Stick Stick Graphics from the external environment. The findings presented in it were caused by technological innovations in the social media landscape and the governmental regulations in Netherlands. The factor related to the development of the social media introduces significant opportunities for the organization, while the regulations of the Dutch government represent a threat to the proper execution of the strategy, by requesting various certifications of the car wrapping film.
2.2.1. Technological Factor
Since the beginning of 21st century the digitalization of the communication technologies scores an immense progress. People have become increasingly involved and unintentionally have made them part of their life. One of these technologies is the social media, which noticeably have tremendous success in its aim to connect people from all over the globe through various ways of communication and social media channels. However, few of these channels stand out from the other generating huge rating and profit. Such are the social media channels of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. (see Table 1) (Cohen, 2012, para. 4)
Table 1: Most Used Social Media


Social Media Platform    % B2BUse    Monthly Unique Visitors    Content Format    B2B Marketing Benefits

LinkedIn              83%         175+ million members
Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation
•    Offers large BtoB audience.
•    Positions company.
•    Provides credibility.
•    Expands business contacts.
•    Expands business network.
•    Sources employees.

80%    465M accounts globally    Links (with Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF)
•    Promotes content.
•    Expands reach.
•    Augments customer service.
•    Enables sales support.
Facebook              80%         955M monthly active members    Text, Photo, Graphic, Video
•    Has large installed global user base.
•    (In Europe is only significant social media site.)
•    Use to build house file.

61%    800 million unique users    Video    •    Provides 360° degree product view & support.
•    Entertains and teaches.
•    Spotlight your brand.
•    Helps search optimization.
•    Entertains viewers.
•    Engages users.
•    Extends events.
Google+              39%         33.2 million unique users
Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF
•    Must have it, due to Google connection. Stake your brand turf.
•    Engage with prospects.

26%    23 million unique users    Graphic, Photo, Presentation    • Provides visual product and company presentation.
Slideshare              23%           60 million visitors
Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF
•    Is BtoB content marketing gold to reach targeted audience.
•    Yields high quality leads
•    Extends reach via social sharing.

In the recent years, these internet channels also have adjusted their mission into much advertising orientated media and thus have given the opportunity to be used with a more commercial aim by different businesses. Moreover, the number of companies using social media with corporate goals continues to increase, because of the low cost opportunity for advertising that the channels offer to them. Finally, using ably this kind of communicative and promotional tools, many companies may have huge success in generating high level of customer engagement, bigger traffic on other internet websites and thus better brand recognition. (Borges, 2009, p.97)
2.2.2. Political/Governmental Factor
The political/legal factor is always with crucial influence with regards to product sale. As many other businesses, the business of Stick Stick focused on manufacturing and selling wrapping films also has to be in line with government requirements such as fire certificate , safety certificate and warranty of the product. In order to sell a particular product to the following customers from the market chain (converters or end users), the distributors and converters must be aware of the content of such documents and after that to acquire them rapidly. Currently, the process is implemented by GRS division of the company via e-mail, which slows the entire process familiarizing with the content of the documents and their acquisition. (Mons, year)
2.3. Business Environment Analysis 2.3.1. Market Analysis
During the last few years, the market of car wrapping film scored a substantial growth in Europe and continues to become more saturated. The reason is mainly because of the attractive and unique features of this kind of products, which makes them competitive enough to the variety of paints. Regarding market saturation of a region, it could be defined by different parameters from which population size is one of those. However, in a case of business-to-business relationships this parameter was considered as saturation of businesses in a particular area. In the case of Stick Stick Graphics, converters (car wrap shops) based in Europe was taken as a measurable entity for this factor. Theoretically, the bigger the number of entities in a region, the bigger is the product demand on the market. Analyzing the database of GRS including 3231 car wrap shops from the continent, the findings show several states that stand out with significant number of these businesses founded in there. The number of converters is shown as follows: Germany – 677, Netherlands – 579, United Kingdom – 494, Italy – 458 and France – 230. These statistics played essential role for narrowing down the focus of countries in the social media strategy. (Confidential Stick Stick Graphics database)


2.3.2. Competitors
There are several big manufacturers and suppliers of wrapping films, which are considered by Stick Stick as major competitors of their division Graphics and Reflective Solutions. The main rivals of the company that were identified by the research are: 3M, Orafol, Arlon, Mactac, Metamark, Grafityp, Ritrama, Hexis and KPMF. These are the companies with the most successful brands along with Stick Stick , on the car wrapping film market. Moreover, in the time of blooming business, each one of the brands has developed extensive product line including products with distinctive features for every company. Such product characteristics are related to colors, textures or finishes of the wrapping film, which have a crucial importance in the choice of the end users and consequently the one of converters. (Mons, year)
On the other hand, all the competitors of Stick Stick produce and sale products with specific technical features that are unique for each company. For instance, different products have distinctive combination of technical characteristics such as: adhesion, shelf life, durability, application method etc. Usually most of the wrap shops, which GRS has relationships with, work with products of several companies. Those companies are often the main rivals of Stick Stick . Each of these companies’ products perform differently when applied to a vehicle. Therefore, technical product characteristics have essential role in the choice of converters and indirectly in the choice of distributors working with Stick Stick .
However, not all of the above mentioned companies are active or even present within the social media environment. According to the findings about the social media presence of competitor companies of Stick Stick Graphics, the brands of 3M, Arlon, KPMF, Orafol and Grafityp are considered as present and very active in this area. Whereas, all other major rivalry as Mactac, Metamark, Ritrama, Hexis do not register much, or even any, activity on social media platforms. The highest activity and best presence of the first five brands is on Facebook, which channel is currently considered as leading in the field of social media with over 1.11 billion users in 2013. (Smith, 2013,para. 6) The competitiveness of these companies is analyzed by the amount of likes on their Facebook pages since the parameter is considered as some of the most essential for the measurement of social media ROI (Return on Investment) according to the book “MIT Sloan Management Review” by Donna Hoffman. (Hoffman, 2010, p.124) Moreover, all the companies monitored in the table below use their Facebook pages in a similar manner: product promotion, presentation of product information and organization’s background, customer engagement and generation of traffic on corporate websites. (see Table 2)


Table 2
Facebook activity
Name    Likes    Activity
Stick Stick              Stick Stick Supreme Wrapping Film              504              Posts, likes, customer engagement

Grafityp    GrafiWrap Grafityp    100 (friends)    None
Grafityp              Panit Car Folie Okienne              85              Posts, likes, customer engagement

3M    3M Carbon Fibre/ matte black Car wrapping    47    Posts, likes, customer engagement
3M NZ 1080 Car Wraps                1,522                Posts, likes, customer engagement

KPMF    KPMF    149    Posts, likes, customer engagement
Orafol              Orafol Deutschland                80                Posts, likes, customer engagement

Arlon    Arlon Graphics    602
Posts, likes, customer engagement
Sources: (Stick Stick Graphics , 2013, “Facebook page”) (GrafiTyp, 2013, “Facebook page”) (3M , 2013, “Facebook page”) (3M, 2013, “Facebook page”) (Arlon , 2013, “Facebook page”) (Orafol, 2013, “Facebook page”) (KPMF, 2013, “Facebook page”)
Furthermore, based on research findings from the investigation of other leading social media channels- Twitter and YouTube, the competitor brands of 3M, Arlon and KPMF mark very good brand presence by engaging with customers, responsiveness and promotion. In this case, the competitiveness of the brands is evaluated by number of Twitter followers and uploaded YouTube videos. (see Table 3) Each of the three companies utilizes Twitter as communication tool for customer engagement and YouTube for product promotion.
Table 3
Twitter activity
Name    Followers    Activity
3M                3M Graphics                2,908              Customer engagement


Arlon    Arlon Graphics LLC    780    Customer engagement
KPMF              KPMF Vinyl              88              Customer engagement
Sources: (3M Graphics , 2013, Twitter) (Arlon Graphics , 2013, Twitter) (KPMF, 2013, Twitter)
2.3.3. Social media approaches by competitors
The following sections present the social media tactics of rival companies of Stick Stick Graphics, which are considered as the most active in that environment. The findings were based on observations of the social media communication in terms of customer engagement and brand awareness.
As discussed earlier, 3M was recognized as the competitor company with most successful strategy in the field of social media. Based on the research conducted on the company’s profiles, there were several approaches used on each channel to accomplish the interrelation and consistency in every strategy. Starting from the Facebook page of 3M was identified that the frequency of the publications varies from once per day to once in two days. Moreover, the time of posts is mainly in the end of the working day from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., which contributes to the increase of Facebook reach. (3M , 2013, “Facebook page”)
On other hand, the content published on the profile introduces single photographs or photo sessions of completed car wrapping projects with company’s products. 3M also utilize a teasing text message that supports each photograph, which provokes short discussions. In some cases the message is formulated as a poll for winning project or the best choice of products in the respective case. Last but not least, the Facebook page includes company trainings, which are periodically published as events. (3M , 2013, “Facebook page”)
Continuing with the Twitter account of 3M, it was recognized as more prosperous than the Facebook page, in terms of followers and “tweets”. The reason might be that the essence of the approach is very similar to the one used in Facebook. However, there were some differences recognized such as paid ads promoting the website and organized competitions on various topics. (3M Graphics , 2013, “Twitter page”)


Analyzing the Facebook page of Arlon, the research identified a different communication tactic from that of 3M. The company utilizes mainly audio/video content on its page to generate customer engagement. It consists of interviews with organization’s employees, video advertisements of Arlon’s products, internal presentations. The company also includes organization of competitions with prizes for the winner, who uploads the best picture showing a wrapped car with products of Arlon. On top of that, the organization allows visitors to track an entire car wrapping process, by uploading photo sessions. In relation to this, all of the content on the page was supported by a teasing message, which might contribute to better customer engagement. (Arlon , 2013,” Facebook page”)
From other perspective, the strategy of Arlon is not consistent with regards to frequency of publishing. The posts were made in a time span of couple of days, which could have resulted on the number of “likes” registered on the page.
Regarding the company profile on Twitter, the strategy is focused on promotion of events, which the company is related to. Similar to 3M, a paid static advertisement redirects the visitors to the rest social media profiles of the company. (Arlon Graphics , 2013, “Twitter page”)
2.3.4. Customer Profile
Stick Stick Graphics has a specific set of customers that are perceived by different demographic criteria. The customer’s profile described in this report is built up on the base of the context of the problem. In the research conducted among experts from the company, it was identified that Graphics and Reflective Solutions division of Stick Stick has business relationships with three types of customers: distributors, converters (wrap shops) and end users (private car owners and companies owning fleets). Based on this typology, the converters were considered as a focus group of the research, which has to be approached by the company by means of a social media communication strategy. Likewise, the focus of this research was assigned by the company in advance. Therefore, the investigation was oriented to the profile of the converters. The following profile was chosen from the target group on a random basis.


Company name: Boss Dog Wraps and Vehicle Graphics Type of enterprise: Car wrap shop?Location: United Kingdom; England; Dorking?The business does not have branches.
Products and services:
Boss Dog car wrap shop works with products of Stick Stick Graphics and 3M in all the services it offers. The wrap shop has a wide range of services related to vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics. The list of services is the following:
–  Vehicle branding
–  Vehicle wrapping
–  Van signwriting
–  Car wraps
–  Logo design
–  Color change wraps ?Psychographics: Adopting new ideas; Following innovative and cutting-edge trends Monthly completed projects: 5-20 Vehicles (Medium usage) ?Buying behavior: The best products regarding price – quality. Tendency for buying high quality products at as low price as possible. ?Communication: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail Source : (Boss dog , 2013, “Home” section, para. 1,2,4) ?2.4. SWOT Analysis

1.    The company has a long historical background in the business field, which might contribute to reach broader range of customers on the social media.
2.    Stick Stick Graphics is perceived as a leader in the industry that is

The company has weak corporate presence and experience in the social media environment that results negatively in the communication with customers. Slowly operating current communication strategy resulting

dffbd ilit

1.    Social media development in a commercial way, which offer opportunities for commercial usage.
2.    The speed of two-way communication has a potential to be improved, by utilizing specific SM channels.
3.    Absence of many competitors with corporate presence in the SM environment.
1.    Few, but highly competitive companies with corporate presence in the SM environment.
2.    Governmental regulations on product certifications, which cannot be included as social media content.
3.    Providing customers with the right social media content is essential. Otherwise, it could have negative outcome.

2.4.1. Conclusion
By analyzing the findings related to the internal environment influencing the situation, it was considered that Graphics and Reflective Solutions division of Stick Stick has almost as many strengths as weaknesses. First, GRS has a significant advantage to the competitors on the market, because of the huge historical background of Stick Stick within the business field of wrapping films. This advantage of the division could contribute to have better success in reaching wider range of customers through social media. Moreover, according to the list of converters that Stick Stick works with, the company is perceived as a leader in the industry, which is another reason for its good image.
On the other hand, there were some weaknesses identified in the current communication strategy, which might be targeted by the by the strategy developed in the end of this project. The major bottleneck of Stick Stick Graphics is the weak corporate presence and lack of experience in the social media environment, which could result in bad communication with customers. Another bottleneck is the communication strategy with converters and distributors, which is not completely efficient up to the moment, with regards to the speed of communication. This might influence negatively the adaptation pace of employees to faster communication strategy. Lastly, there is a lack of consistency in the responsiveness to the customers’ enquiries on various topics.
Observing the external environment, it became clear that GRS has a number of opportunities for the promotion of a car wrapping film in Europe. The major opportunity for the division is the potential of the markets in Germany, Netherlands, UK, Italy and France. Another option for the company to promote its products and services is the significant development of social media in commercial aspect. Hence, by the implementation of an efficient social media strategy the organization has the opportunity reach broad target audience and market for its products. Furthermore, there is a potential for the two-way communication with converters, to become easier, quicker and more effective by using suitable social media channels.
Finally, the threats for the organization are mainly related highly competitive companies with existing strong corporate presence on social media. From other point of view, there are European regulations on the certification of the products, which are requested by many customers, however cannot be provided through social media channels. The drawback related to this issue is the slow process of providing customers with this kind of documentation.


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