Developing an Organizational Outline



Beginning to apply the preparedness phase includes the development of each phase of a crisis management system. The system used will be the FEMA planning system that includes five steps:1. Program Management2. Planning3. Implementation4. Testing and Exercises5. Program ImprovementIn the exercise, an organization will be selected and a planning framework developed for the organization. This exercise joins SLPs 1, 2, and 3 and will be used for the final paper in the Module 4




1. Select an organization and briefly describe (i.e., mission, industry, size, and number of personnel).Note: The organization chosen needs to have enough available information to be able to
address question 2.2. Briefly address a framework in each of the phases by using the FEMA planning system guidance identified in the readings.  This framework is the brief plan that is specific to the chosen
organization (note this will be used to support a further analysis to be completed in the next module where planning will be considered in more detail). In the framework, provide brief descriptions
on the general plan to satisfy the phases using the general guidance provided by FEMA. Use headers or titles in the paper. Note: You are not expected to construct a comprehensive planning
framework; you will be graded on the quality of submission.The brief plan should consider the following steps:a. Program Managementi. Preparedness Policyii. Program Committee and Program Coordinatoriii. Program Administrationb. Planningi. Risk Assessmentii. Business Impact Analysisiii. Hazard Prevention and Deterrenceiv. Risk Mitigationc. Implementationi. Resource Managementii. Specific Plansiii. Employee Assistance & Supportiv. Incident Managementv. Trainingd. Testing & Exercisese. Program Improvementi. Reviews and Corrective Actions