Developing cultural competence



a) Research Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities


Research and identify the local Indigenous community of your LOCAL AREA


Identify who you could contact to gain further information

Research any significant historical issues in relation to this specific community.


Research & identify any contemporary impacts upon your local Indigenous community


Complete a brief report/summary.
Include details of how an educator can include the culture of the local Aboriginal community in the early childhood service/ setting.


Part B – Cultural competence Induction Pack

prepare an Induction Pack (tool kit) that could be used to assist new early childhood educators and other staff working in an early childhood education and care setting, embed culturally competent
practice into their daily practice.Your Induction Pack is to be underpinned by applicable guidelines relevant to the early childhood education and care sector, and be useful in helping new staff understand cultural competence as
described in the EYLF.Select freely available resources to include in your Pack that will promote professional practice in this area, and help educators implement a range of multi-dimensional strategies to both enrich
through difference, and actively manage bias when it occurs


include in the Pack, an outline for each of the following:- relevant  legislation and Government requirements that relate to cultural competence, specifically for educators in early childhood settings – how to deal with racism and stereotypes- what it means to have a culturally safe environment- at least eight resources available to support educators incorporate cultural competence into practice and policy, for example interpreters, advisory bodies or others that can support
individual children with specific cultural needs.