Developing Literacy

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Developing Literacy

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critically evaluate reading and writing strategies and their relationship to curriculum and policy for the early primary context. Specifically, you will need to:
• identify two strategies to the teaching of reading and two strategies to the teaching of writing, as covered in your weekly readings across Weeks 2-9 in the unit (e.g. Shared reading;
modelled reading; guided reading; independent reading) (e.g. Shared writing; interactive writing; guided writing; independent writing)

• critically evaluate each of these strategies. Think about the following questions:
o What particular aspects of reading or writing are supported by these strategies? (e.g. fluency; comprehension; phonological awareness; vocabulary)
o What are the strengths of the strategies?
o What are the limitations of the strategies?
o What key considerations do teachers need to take into account when adopting these strategies? (e.g. Additional learning needs; available resources; environment considerations; student
demographic or abilities; relevance to the curriculum; time limitations/management)

• support your evaluation through the use of examples from the Australian Curriculum and any other relevant curriculum and policy documents (for example NAPLAN or state curriculum).

2.perspective of an Engineering Technology degree

Write a TWO-PAGE (double spaced) reflection paper incorporating your thoughts about:
1. The article itself- comment on the survey (reflection of all industries, sample size, questions asked, etc.) and the significance of the survey findings.
2. Discuss your perspective of an Engineering Technology degree- did the article and hearing from Dr. Barbieri help to further shape your opinion? How so?
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