Developing the knowledge and skills to facilitate change

The following post three assignments namely

1.Developing the knowledge and skills to facilitate change

Read the whole description and hit all points required:
Developing the knowledge and skills to facilitate change begins with understanding
how change impacts you and others. In this assignment you will apply Bridges’ Model
of Transition to a personal and/or
professional watershed event or significant change (Transitioning from Military to
civilian life), and reflect on what you have learned that will enable you to more
effectively facilitate organizational change.
Your analysis must be supported with citations and references from 3 or more
academic sources, adhere to APA standards and include the following sections:
Watershed Situation Description (Transitioning from Military to civilian life):
Recall the transition from militay into civilian life as an event that was a Watershed or a
turning point in your life – a critical event that marked a
significant change for you personally and/or professionally.
• Describe the event and discuss how and why it was different from other “meaningful’
or even “monumental’ milestones. In other words, what made it a watershed event?
Watershed Situation Analysis
William Bridges’ model of Transitions suggests there are three stages of transition and
change. While this may be an event from a long time ago, try and recall your feelings
and actions. Drawing upon those
feelings and actions, respond to the next three questions, to the best of your ability.
Although it may be somewhat challenging to put a past event into this framework;
however, the model suggests that no matter the transition, we will have experienced
these stages.
• How did you experience each of the five stages of Endings: disengagement,
dismantling, disidentification, disenchantment, and disorientation?
• How did you experience the Neutral Zone? Which of the steps did you take to finding
meaning in this stage?
• Describe the New Beginning. How did you know
it was a new Beginning?

2.Living in accordance with the ideas of Stoic philosophy

Seneca argues that living in accordance with the ideas of Stoic philosophy will allow us live a good life in a corrupted society. What arguments does Seneca make to persuade us of this, and how convincing are they?

3.Situational Interview

Suppose you were working on another computer on a busy Saturday afternoon when a customer brings in a new laptop for service. According to the customer, she installed TurboTax to do her taxes but after installing this software, her computer started slowing down and crashing a lot. She has called the customer help desk and has been on-hold for 45 minutes on average. After spending hours on the phone, the computer support specialist suggested that the customer bring the laptop in for service. The customer is very angry regarding the support she received over the phone and is demanding her money back. How would you handle the situation?