Development of a sustainable Warehouse

Sustainable Supply Chains – 2019
Assignment 2: Individual (40%)
This assignment is given in conjunction with the following:
a) Presentation on Sustainable Warehousing (Lecture 5 in the series).
b) Form a business report for the following information.
(Dr Frank McCarthy)

The purpose of this individual assignment is to give each of you a practical opportunity to research, understand and apply the concept of sustainability in Warehousing, Distribution and Order Fulfillment.
Title and Scope.
You work as a Supply Chain Manager for a global consumer foods manufacturing company who also manage and operate the distribution and order fulfillment of their entire product range. Your company has recently issued a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to a range of specialist providers for a Design and Build Facility to include warehousing, national distribution and various value added activities together with the facilities required to support order fulfilment and associated support services. You will lead the team assembled to assess each proposal and you have been asked to compile a reference document which will be used by the team as the basis of the selection process and also to inform your recommendations to senior management.
The brief outlined in the RFQ places a strong emphasis on sustainability both in terms of the building design and the warehouse layout and operation. It follows therefore that the proposal which best reflects the sustainability brief (all other considerations being equal) will be the one most likely to be recommended.
You are not required to assess costs.
Your reference document will be based entirely or largely on your reading and synthesis of academic and/or industry information sources together with information gained from discussion and class lectures. Use quotations, examples and illustrations in your report.
Instructions to students:
Suggested Structure.
Your reference document should be in a business report format and should identify, explain and discuss all the elements you expect to see addressed in each of the proposals received.
Scale and Deliverables.
• Assignment 2(40%) should be approximately 4,000 words, + 10% – 5% (suggest, 12 point, Times New Roman), excluding an executive summary, references, bibliography and appendices.
Use flowing as guideline to
Renewable Energy Resource
Daylight Usage
Artificial Lighting Scheme
Temperature Control
Water Consumption
Noise Pollution