Development of Multinational personnel selection system

Explain what is meant by ethical behavior at work. 2. Discuss important factors that shape ethical behavior at work. 3. Describe ways in which HR management can influence ethical behavior at work. 4. Employ fair disciplinary practices. 5. List at least four important factors in managing dismissals effectively. *Chapter 13: Employee Safety and Health 1. Explain why safety at work is important. 2. Explain top management’s role in safety. 3. Understand what causes accidents and how to prevent them. 4. Minimize unsafe acts by employees. 5. Explain how to deal with important occupational health problems. *Chapter 14: Managing Global Human Resources 1. List the HR challenges of international business. 2. Illustrate how inter-country differences affect HRM. 3. Discuss the global differences and similarities in human resource practices. 4. Explain five ways to improve international assignments through selection. 5. Discuss how to train and maintain international employees.