Development Psychology-Project 2

Development Psychology-Project 2

1a. Select an individual from adolescence to old age.
b. Interview this person for at least an hour regarding major events in his/her life, problems, concerns and achievements.
c. Identify the family structure, socio-economic status and cultural factors.
d. Include questions about the individual’s childhood development and how it may have influenced his or her life today.
e. Use your interview to support your discussion later in your paper.

2. Identify and explain a biosocial issue (drug abuse, health concerns, etc.)

3. Identify and explain moral development and cognitive issues.

4a. Identify and describe the developmental stage the individual is in.
b. Use 2 theorists to compare and contrast the issues in this stage.
c. Identify one stage of childhood, and explain how it has influenced their adolescent or adult life.
d. Use at least 2 outside academic sources to support your discussion.

5a. Use your integrated findings to identify any problems in this individual’s development.
b. How does their environment, childhood development, or other factors influence their development at this time?

6. You may include pictures, work samples, awards etc. to help illustrate how the individual functions in his/her developmental stage.