Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones: On one slide, list the top five developmental milestones that are important to consider at this age level (e.g., for infants, developing secure attachments with adults). In the slide notes, for each developmental milestone, provide a one-paragraph rationale for it being in the top five and include support from at least one scholarly source.
Learning Environment Considerations: On one slide, describe the top five considerations that must be made while setting up the learning environment for this age group (e.g.; posters at eye level, etc.). In the slide notes, give a detailed explanation of your rationale in at least one paragraph; using at least one scholarly source for support.
Classroom Set-Up Requirements: On two to three slides, explain each of the seven areas of your future classroom listed below. In the slide notes, in one paragraph for each point, elaborate and provide support from at least one scholarly source.
What larger furniture will you utilize in your classroom (e.g.; desks; tables. etc.)? What teaching materials will you need? How will you set up the various areas or stations in your learning environment? How will you assess each child’s growth? How will you accommodate atypically developing children?
How will you incorporate families into your learning environment (e.g.; family meeting space, communication board; etc.)?
How is play incorporated into your learning environment?