Diabetes insipidus


Diabetes insipidus 2 pages

Body Fluid Oral Presentation Assignment

This will be done in APA or similar style. The paper will be no less than 2 full pages in length. The paper will include to 2-3 pages of supporting material on the
topic of presentation. No excessive white spaces will be allowed on these pages. The pages will be written in 12 font, Times New Roman in double spacing and 1 inch
margins.THIS IS THE ONLY STYLE AND SPACING I WILL ACCEPT. The paper will include at least 3 reputable sources. The paper will also include title page and a
documentation page. Grammar and spelling will be counted as well.
Topics for the project
Any laboratory, medical or technical topic may be used as long as the topic ties into urine or body fluid results. For example, if a condition shows up in urine as an
abnormal result such as large glucose, many WBCs or crystals.