Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

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This essay is a part of the diabetes module.

write about a patient was admitted to the hospital with diabetes ketoacidosis(DKA) and after 5 days he will have a cardiac surgery, Coronary artery bypass grafting

(CABG) .
The structure will be like this:

* Introduction : (Between 300-500 words)
Definition of diabetes and DKA , what is the aim of the essay,Introduce the patient briefly (Remembering the code of confidentiality NMC 2008).

* Main body: Review and critique some literatures focusing on diabetes/DKA aspect on the patient’s care rather than the cardiac problem and relate this to the patient.

Research finding and UK governmental guidlines should be used to try and offer theoritical explanations about any shortfall in the provision of care consider the

patient capacity to cope with his problem.

* Conclusion.

* References.