Diagnostic Radiography BSc

Diagnostic Radiography BSc – Conference Paper – Critique of a published research paper. The Article to be critiqued : Nortje.N., Hoffman.W.A (2017) Perspectives
on the development of professionalism as experienced by student radiographers. Radiography 201

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Aspects to be critique:
Title – Best judged after reading the article.
Keywords – Appropriate, aligns with recommendation of the journal.
Abstract – Intro to the topic, purpose, significance & Aims, objectives, hypothesis.
Introduction/Literature – Background.
Methodology – Method/data collection – entire process to include ethics.
Results – Clearly understood, presentation, style appropriate and Scientifically analysed / statistics.
Discussion – Includes all aspects, critical and academic writing style.
Conclusion & Recommendation : Includes all aspects and Accurate
Journal Impact factor.
In terms of references please use 2 books and 2 internet sites. Many thanks.