Differences between mitosis and meiosis

1. Describe the major differences between mitosis and meiosis with respect to:
-Cell type, DNA replication, Chromosome strands in anaphase, Synapsis, Chromosome number

2. Provided with the following information
• Thyroxine provided by thyroid increases metabolism and assists in regulating body temperature.
• Thyroid-stimulating hormone is released by the pituitary.
Sketch a diagram to show the temperature feedback control in the body. Provide basic blocks involved. (Refer to the example shown in class with respect to Blood Sugar Control).
*It is a design problem

3. A given macrophage producing IL-1 can induce cells in the brain to reset the body thermostat to a higher temperature. This represents ______ action of a cytokine.
a. Autocrine
b. endocrine
c. exocrine
d. paracrine
e. orthocrine
4. Adaptive immunity depends on
a. traits common to groups of pathogens.
b. pathogen-specific recognition.
c. maternal provision of antibodies to offspring.
d. plants being exposed to new pathogens.
e. having exhausted all options for innate immunity responses.