Differentiated Lesson

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Differentiated Lesson

Develop a lesson in any of the following academic areas: any aspect of reading/literacy; social studies; or science. develop the lesson from scratch or select one from a teacher resource, teacher edition, carefully vetted online resource, etc. Be sure to provide proper citation for using any existing lesson or topic that is not original to you. The teaching context for this lesson plan is as follows: the class is a general education class (not a special education class, or ESOL class, etc.] You can determine the grade level. The students come from a variety of socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. In this class, there are several English language learners. They do not all share the same L1; none of them speak Spanish. Some are at a beginning level of English language development; some are at an intermediate level; and some are at an advanced level. Using the lesson plan format that will be given to you, write out the lesson plan and include differentiated components in the lesson to address EACH of the three language levels in the class. Incorporate student use of technology in the lesson. The technology component must extend beyond word processing or looking for information on the Internet.

2.Understanding Managed Care

proposal recommending the team’s final decision based on the review of National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA), 2016-2017 health insurance plans rating that can be located directly at https://healthinsuranceratings.ncqa.org/2016/Default.aspx. The proposal must identify the following:
Conduct a one (1) page analysis of the ACA and its future implications on managed care organizations (in particularly in reference to reimbursement)