Digital Citizenship

As our world becomes more globalized, citizenship takes on new meanings. What does it mean to be a global citizen? In this assignment, you will create a framework for a three-session professional development (PD) program for faculty on global citizenship.

Step 1. Reflect and Describe
Reflect on the contents of this module and describe the characteristics of global citizenship in your own words.

Step 2. Select and Answer
Select and answer in depth one of the Module 3 discussion questions which relates to the framework you are developing on global citizenship.

Step 3. Research
Research an international school in a foreign country. Consider how global citizenship is (or is not) evident in the school. Integrate the school as a case study in your framework.

Step 4. Create
From a leadership point of view, create the framework using the findings from Steps 1-3 to structure a global citizenship professional development (PD) program for faculty. Include at least three sessions in your outline.