Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
The assignment requires you to choose and investigate an organisation. You will need to determine something about its offerings, it position in the marketplace, and current use of digital marketing. You will then propose a digital marketing strategy for the organisation and two initiatives. You will demonstrated one in an online presentation in the popular pecha kucha format.. As you develop your strategy and then build, or prototype the initiative and your pecha kucha you will use your blog to show your research and learning.
The submission dates and weightings of the parts of the portfolio are:
Company background / marketing audit
600 words 10%
You should choose and describe the company you wish to create a digital marketing strategy and campaign for. This is a chance to provide a context for the strategy to come. The deliverable is an 600 word audit (plus supporting data) of the company that briefly addresses the following points:
•What company are they and what sector do they compete in?
•What is their value offering and how do they communicate it?
•Who are their existing competitors or relevant new market entrants?
•What are their existing marketing and digital strategies?