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Digital marketing plan for Tourism Australia company
‘Emergent terrorism in Mali: Implications for peace and security in West Africa’
• Introduction
-Statement of the Problem
-Literature review

Background on Mali, as part of the Sahel and West Africa and a new zone for high terrorists activities

Mali, once regarded as West Africa’s oldest democracy now variously referred in the literature as West Africa’s Afghanistan

It has witnessed an escalation in terrorist activities which if not curbed is going to make Mali a failed state. At the same time, the region within which it is situated itself has other security threats that compound the challenges Mali faces.

Additionally, the responses to terrorist activities do not seemingly receive the same level of support by the international community as experienced in other parts f the world.
• This study therefore undertakes the following Aims and Objectives:

? Discuss the concept of terrorism within the context of Mali and the role it plays in reinforcing insecurity with particular focus to West Africa
? Discuss the internal triggers and causes of insecurity in the country/region to help situate reasons why terrorism is manifesting
? Overview of the profile of terrorist groups present in the region/country
? Discuss existing counter terrorist strategies implemented/proposed if any
? Make recommendations

• Central Research Questions

? Does the recent emergent terrorism situation in Mali affect peace and security in W/Africa?
? Isthe future security of W/Africa’s peace severely threatened in the wake of the rise of terror in Mali?
? Are the manifestations of terrorism in Mali different? what types are they?
? Can the national, regional and global security terrorist challenges be linked to Mali?
? What are the causes/reasons for the rise of terrorist activities in Mali?
? Are they any frameworks or counter terrorism measures undertaken? What are the challenges? And who are the main actors?

• Hypothesis

Against the background of political instability and bad governance in West Africa, overtime, Mali has been affected by spill over challenges like refugees, small arms and weapons amongst others

The ‘new’ terrorism in Mali is a result of the ‘old’ Tuareg political crisis now reclassified as acts of terror

The West tended to ignore the Sahel crisis until the recent Mali attacks because it did not conceptualize terrorism in Mali as the same being pursued by Jihadist ideology and creation of a global Islamist State(IS) as manifesting in other parts of the world.
• Methodology

? Case Study
? Discourse Analysis
? Secondary data (books, journal articles, Global terrorism data base, graphs, maps, internet links on counter terrorism and terrorism)
• Conceptual and Theoretical framework

? Discussing the definitions and terms guiding the study
? Origins and emergence of terrorism
? Definition of terrorism (what are the associated problems incurred when defining it)
? What perspectives constitute terrorism?(Discuss political and religious)
? How is terrorism defined in this study?
? What are the types of terrorism?