Digital marketing promotion


At this point, your team has developed a Marketing Plan to support your marketing division and justify an additional capital investment from corporate
headquarters to move forward- Digital marketing is a critical part of marketing strategies today because of the prevalence of social media and other web-
based technologies, online media outlets, and mobile Internet and applications-

Based on the current position of your new division in the simulation and your goals for coming quarters analyze the market research data, competitive data,
and real-world digital marketing options to develop a summarized digital marketing plan for your division that benefits growth and considers competition- In
500-750 words, address the following:

Digital marketing options for your division: Discuss the decision to shift all or a portion of your division’s promotional budget in the simulation to digital
marketing- Consider factors including 828 verses 82C considerations in digital media, target market coverage, exposure, analytics, and costs-

Digital media impact: How would the addition of digital media options influence your division’s overall promotional plan?

Digital media types and options: Include examples of specific social media platforms, blogs, websites, applications, etc- and include a justification for each
based on your division’s goals- Use real-world data by researching the outlets/platforms, reviewing media kits when available, and citing available sources on
exposure, targeting options, etc-

Monitor digital media: How will you monitor effectiveness and adjust your strategy based on your division’s goals?

You are required to include both academic and professional references (e-g-, data on analytics, platform use data) to justify your plan-