Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Module:        Digital Marketing and Communications: BHO0172

Assignment Title:    Academic Essay

Learning Outcomes

1.    Appreciate the relevance and application of key marketing concepts such as the Marketing mix, Consumer Behaviour and Customer Relationship Management in the digital marketing age.

2.    Recognise the impact of digital technologies on the nature, implementation, outcomes, measurement and management of the marketing function and customer communications

3.    Understand the role and ICTs in building and managing customer and stakeholder relationships

Identification of group and individual components:

The assignment is to be completed individually by each student.


Assessment Task

50% of the overall mark for this module will be allocated to an individual written assessment.

This assessment will be based on your ability to research, analyse and reflect upon the significance Digital Marketing communications. Students will be required to demonstrate a thorough, balanced appreciation of the purpose and contribution of information systems, the Internet and other digital technologies to contemporary marketing.

Academic Essay

For the purposes of this assignment:

Critically evaluate and discuss the role of information and social media to support online Marketing strategy, develop brand awareness and manage customer relationships. In addition you will also need to discuss the utilisation of social media for target marketing and customer acquisition.

This is an individual written assignment. 3000 words maximum.

Guidance Notes:

You should support your work throughout with evidence from good quality academic (journal articles, textbooks, conference proceedings, etc) and business sources. All material you reference should be cited fully using the standard university Referencing style, both within the main body of your report and in a clearly marked References section at the end.

You should ensure that you adhere to the current student regulations regarding assessment (presented in the student handbook), with particular reference to ethical considerations and issues of plagiarism.

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