Essay – Topic and Details

Copyright law is used to protect the rights of the designers, developers and/or artists who invent something. However, major technology and media companies, and also

sometimes singers and artists, complain that digital piracy is killing technological and artistic innovation and that current copyright laws are ineffective.  What are

the causes and consequences of digital piracy and what solutions can be adopted by technology or media businesses to ensure that the internet does not kill innovation?

Essay length: 1000 words (+ or – 10% (900-1100 words)).  Word count does not include the reference list.
Number of sources: at least 3 sources (two (2) provided by your tutor and one (1) which you have found)

What you need to focus on:

Write a final version of your essay.  You should use the essay plan and the first draft, and your tutor’s comments to help you.  The essay should be 1,000 words (plus

or minus 10%). Please add the word count on the final page of the essay. The pages should be numbered. Your assignment should have a title.  In-text citations must be

used appropriately and a bibliography must be attached to the end of this assignment.