Digital Systems Laboratory

Prior to the lab period, perform the following readings and exercises.
Review information (on Boolean algebra, Boolean functions and K-map methods) in the ECE 215
Design a 4 input, 1 output combinational circuit. The inputs represent a 4-bit number, N = X3 X2
X1 X0, which ranges from 0 to 15. The output, F, is 1 when N represents a prime number.
Otherwise, F is 0.
a. Set up a truth table for the circuit.
b. Write a Boolean Equation for F.
c. Draw a logic diagram for F using AND-OR-NOT gates.
d. Reduce F using a Karnaugh Map.
e. Draw a logic diagram for the reduced circuit using only NAND gates.
f. Determine the “costs” (hardware and time) for F from part c and part e.
g. Develop a Quartus version of the circuit for part e. Show the waveforms in a vector
waveform file and save the file.