Dilemma Essay

Provide an analysis for the friend’s choice, of action, based on Utilitarian and Kantian moral theories, incorporating elements of Flume’s theory into your analysis. Do not allow personal biases to influence your analysis – focus on the application of the theories.

Selected Scenario: Three friends of assorted ages serve as volunteers in a nursing home and a chronic care facility. They are very concerned about the suffering of aged, bed-ridden patients who are no longer able to function normally or relate to others meaningfully. Each of them has also watched her own aged parents suffer a great deal of pain and frustration as they gradually lost their quality of life. The three friends discuss quality of life issues at length and each declares that, at the appropriate time, they would rather die than continue living, and they agree to support each other. When the oldest of three reaches a time of life when her quality of life is deteriorating because of a medical condition, and she knows what the future holds in store for her, she asks one of her friends for assistance. She plans to run her car engine in the garage with the door closed, but the door can only be closed from the outside. She asks one of her friends to close the door. What should the friend do?