diplomacy and peace


the course i am taking is Diplomatic practice my essay question is: How far do you agree that ‘diplomacy is about peace’? i would like to choose the cuban missile crisis as a case study I got this note from my professor: (Note that you will have to look very carefully at the ways in which the word diplomacy has been used and the implications of the ways in which it is used. It is certainly a peaceful instrument of foreign policy, but what are the implications of the question? If diplomacy is not directed towards peace (e.g. Iraq in 1990, Hitler in the late 1930s) does that mean it isn’t diplomacy?) In writing your research papers, students should do the following three things: 1. Present an analytical argument that is a clear answer to the precise question that has been asked. 2. Address some of the literature related to the question (possible answers). 3. Offer some compelling evidence to support your argument (based on your reading & what you have learned during tutorials/lectures).