Disaster Medicine or Management


Develop 2 or 3 research questions that you can utilize as the foundation of your research proposal. They must be Disaster Medicine or Management related, be of importance to the body of knowledge of the discipline, have measurable output, and beaccomplishable within a two (2) year time frame
the Psychosocial Implications of Disasters

feedback for my Prof saying this :Abdulmajeed correctly points out that you have a very broad focus of concern, and you will need to clarify terms, criteria, and scope before you will succeed.
looking at research questions . The first question may be too broad becuase there are so many disasters, psychological injuries and populations that the question can ask about. Your third question however is a great step in a specific direction of research. Here is an article on state planning for resilience before and after a disaster. It may assist you in your research.Norris, F. H., Stevens, S. P., Pfefferbaum, B., Wyche, K. F., &Pfefferbaum, R. L. (2008). Community resilience as a metaphor, theory, set of capacities, and strategy for disaster readiness. American journal of community psychology, 41(1-2), 127-150.
Here are the questions that I got a feedback on
I. What are the psychosocial impacts of a disaster on the affected individuals?II. What programs have been adopted at the society level to address the psychosocial impacts of disasters?III. What programs and their effectiveness have been adopted by the state to address the psychosocial impacts of disasters?