Discourse analysis

Basically it’s a master of psychotherapy and counseling. I basically will prove any detail that you need to focus on, I outline some extra tips:
What are the implicit assumptions or theories about counselling, psychotherapy or art therapy in this ‘text’?
• What dominant discourses/narratives can you identify? What do these discourses/narratives do?
• How is the therapist and/or researcher positioned in this ‘text’?
• How are the clients and/or research participants positioned and described/ ‘produced’ in this ‘text’?
• Whose language is used for this description? Who speaks and who is spoken for?
• What is left out of the picture or relegated to context or background knowledge? What might be made visible if this/these were foregrounded? (i.e. is there a submerged/ different story that might usefully be told?)