Discriminate between Phenomenology and Grounded Theory

This week’s readings contain phenomenology and grounded theory examples. After completing the readings, address the following in a written analysis:
• Explain the purpose of the study
• Summarize the guiding research questions.
• Explain the role the researcher(s) assumed in this study.
• Determine how the researchers applied the principles of either the phenomenology or grounded theory design to address their research problem.
• Explain how it was an appropriate qualitative design to effectively address their research problem of interest.
• Identify the data collection strategies used by the researcher(s).
• Examine any ethical issues that emerged in the research.
• Explain the challenges/limitations of the study.
• Assess the overall study, including whether the approach was effective.
• Recommend additions and/or modifications for consideration that may be used to improve the design and implementation of the study.