discuss how both fixed and dynamic mindsets might impact on either how a teacher might teach or how a pupil might learn.


1. With reference to Dweck, discuss how both fixed and dynamic mindsets might impact on either how a teacher might teach or how a pupil might learn.

Points to include: (I have chosen the teachers perspective however if you feel like you would prefer the pupils learning that is fine, just let me know).

– Choose either Teachers teaching or childrens learning
– Write a paragraph on how they are related
– For this essay I am choosing to focus on…
– Dynamic/ growth are the same thing
– How the mindset can impact the learning or teaching
– Write a description or each one then evaluate
– Write a description of fixed mindset then then exaplin how they works in practise
– Table or diagram on fixed or dynamic mindsets and comment on it in relation to either teachers teaching or childrens learning.
– How it impacts the teacher teaching or children’s learning
– If it’s a fixed mindset they can assume the child has a certain limit in their capacity which could lead to the teacher not pushing them as hard, they might
group them thinking they will never be able to be good at something. And they might not teach them the difficult parts.
– If a pupil learning has a dynamic mindset they might have a posstive idea like “it doesn’t matter if I don’t do well in this one I can have another go and try
again in a different way” and they could acknowledge their mistake.
– Write about how teachers and learners deal with mistakes.
– How learners and tecahers deal with marking work or getting feedback.
– Don’t be descriptive
If you have any questions please let me know, thank you.

Further tips:

Further tips: Be sure to refer to scholarly theory in your answer. You are recommended to specify an age group when discussing learning and teaching and be very clear
when using examples of practice in your answer. Make use of appendices to illustrate your points where appropriate. Be sure to reference correctly and include a
thorough bibliography.

Taken together, the essay and portfolio show:
1. an informed understanding of current thinking on related issues
2. critical understanding of the research on thinking and learning *
3. analysis of the debate surrounding the issues and their controversies
4. application of theories of thinking and learning to education practice
5. understanding of the range of topics involved in learning and thinking
6. evidence of synthesis of viewpoints, forming a coherent position *