discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.

discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.
Answer the following questions as completely as possible. The questions are based on the readings of chapters 9-13 from the book.

1. Describe the changes in U.S. politics between 1824 and 1840. What accounted for these changes? Be sure to cite examples of noticeable changes and explain why they represent a shift in a new direction.

2. In what ways did the war with Mexico inflame public opinion in the United States? Who criticized the war and why? Describe the outcome of the war, and explain the effect this had on American politics.

3. Explain the term “Manifest Destiny,” and show how it affected Western settlement. Identify what those who believed in the concept wanted to achieve. Which political party embraced the concept? How did Manifest Destiny affect both the settlement and the ultimate annexation of Texas and Oregon?

4. Why do you think so few Southern women of the plantation class followed Angelina Grimke on her journey from social privilege to social activism? Is this an indication about gender inequality only or are other issues involved?

Answers to these questions must be at least 2 pages in length. The exam is due on Sunday December 27th by 10:00pm Late penalties apply. Standard guidelines as the previous exams.


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