discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.

discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.

Answer the following questions as completely as possible. They are based off of the readings of chapters 14-16 in the book.
1. Describe the strategies of the North and the South as the Civil War began, explaining why each side adopted its position. Compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of each side in regard to number of men under arms, military experience, industrial capacity, and population.

2. Compare and contrast the three main plans for Reconstruction: Lincoln’s, Johnson’s, and the Radical Republicans’. What did each plan want to do, and how successful was each plan? Why were new plans devised after Lincoln’s had already been established?

3. Why did the Fugitive Slave Act arouse strong emotions in both the North and South? How did the act strike at the heart of the southern view of property rights and northern attitudes about the morality of slavery? Why did the act “radicalize” many conservative northerners on the slavery issue?

4. Who was Dred Scott? Explain the case that concerned his status as a free man or a slave. What was the outcome of that case? Also, how did that decision polarize the attitudes in the North and the South? Attach those differing attitudes to the events that transpired in Kansas in May 1856 and explain how these events either foreshadowed and/or led to the outbreak of the Civil War.

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