Discussion paper

Choose a topic you know a lot about – an area of expertise. You will be giving two short (3 – 5 minute) oral presentations on this topic, each targeting a different audience. Be sure to state your topic and who your target audience is at the beginning of each presentation. Be sure to consider the following areas in targeting your specific audiences. You will be graded on the following areas: 1) Organization (How you arrange your presentation should be different for one audience than for another); 2) Language (Word choice will vary for each specific audience); 3) Delivery (Style, tone of voice, attire, gesture should be different for different audiences); 4) Content (Even though you are presenting on the same topic, the choice of content should vary depending on choice of audience). IMPORTANT: These need to be videos of you speaking. Your face needs to be clearly visible. They may not be audio recordings only. No PowerPoint presentations. *** I will literally be reading from your two papers.