Dislikes of people about the world

Argumentative Essay


There are several things people like or dislike in their life or the world around them. In this assignment, you are required to explain what you think is an important problem in your community or in the life of people your age. WITHOUT USING RESEARCH. Imagine that you have to write to people who can solve this problem but are not familiar with it.
Therefore, you should explain the problem clearly in order to convince your audience that the problem is an important one. After that, describe your plan for improving the situation in sufficient detail so that they know what you want done. Be sure to give enough details, facts, and examples to support your description and suggestion. When choosing a problem to write about, keep in mind that the topic should not be too broad. By no means can you solve world hunger or argue components of abortion, stem cell research and gun control in a 3-4 page essay.
The purpose of the essay is to understand and convey the process and product of effective argumentation and attain the ability to link an argument to the values and beliefs of the intended audience. You need to develop an effective claim (thesis) and provide evidence, examples and support for your thesis.