Dissemination Strategies for Hospital Readmission Project


Dissemination Strategies for Hospital Readmission Project

rewriting the Dissemination strategies paper
1).lnstruction are the following:

1- Develop a plan to identify the best dissemination strategies for your practicum
project which is Hospital reduction readmission project. Make sure to consider the
following as you develop your plan:

a- Target audience(case managers,nurses, units directors, quality director, patient
liaison, chief nursing officer, chief medical officer, chief executive officer and
transitional care coordinator)

b- Relevant stakeholders (patients, physicians, board of trustee, insurance

c- Needed resources

d- Strategies not appropriate for your dissemination plans.

2- Com pile a list of dissemination strategies and Divide these strategies into two

a- Useful to the dissemination of your project

b- Not appropriate for your project’s dissemination.

3- Com pose a 350- to 700-word write-up describing your dissemination plan and
why you selected this dissemination over the others on your list. (Oral
presentation dissemination strategy is the one I selected).

Follow Followed APA guidelines for style and formatting,Rules of grammar, usage,
and punctuation were followed; spelling is correct,Paper is organized and flows
well; its structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

references not older than 3 years.

Make sure is a top writer, and level requested

# 2 my practicum project, #3 portfolio #4 Dissemination
strategies spreadsheet and some resources about disseminating strategies, #5
and #6 other Resources