Dissertation Introduction & Stakeholder Description Paper

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a document that provides an introduction and stakeholder description for a field based dissertation all which are in chapter 1 of the dissertation. The document needs to be in APA format written at the Doctoral level. There needs to be a cover page and reference page. Research will be required to complete the document. The research is the career readiness of college graduates in healthcare administration/management. I am would like the paper to address the reason why this is a problem, the key stakeholders as identified through research. From my perspective the stakeholders are the students, employers and faculty. (The research should support these stakeholder groups and the role they play in ensuring the students are career ready and employable when they graduate college. My Global Goal is for 100% of the college graduates to have the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage in any healthcare organization. Identify what the literature says about the various stakeholders to identify the stakeholder goals.
I have provide a template that the writer can use to write the paper. I will also provide some literature and I expect the researcher will find some additional research. The students need to be employable when they graduate with a healthcare administration/management degree.

How does their competency impact outcomes in the healthcare organization they manage. What skills are documented in the literature to be required. (This is not on Clinical skills, this is administrative, leadership, management focused).