Do Americans have a Legal Right to Die? (context of death and dignity laws, crossexamining the constitution and different states laws)

Question topic is clear and succinct. Introduction is well written and outlines students’ arguments. 15 points • Student identifies the key ethical dilemmas presented by the students’ research question. What are the potential paths/responses to the ethical dilemmas? 10 points • Throughout the paper, relevant ethical principles and concepts are discussed and fully explained. 20 points • Student provides a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of alternative arguments and identifies key arguments made in the literature. 20 points • Student makes clear word choices and uses proper grammar. Words are not misspelled. 5 points. • Student uses topic sentences and clear and concise language in each paragraph. 5 points • Student provides a concluding opinion that references relevant literature and includes student’s assessment of the literature. 15 points • Student provides at least 20 references to peer reviewed literature or law review articles published by law journals. You may add additional news sources, but only the Atlantic, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post 4 points • All citations are in proper APA format. 3 points Be sure to include ethics terminology such as paternity, autonomy, nonmaleficence, etc. Things to examine: Washington v Glucksberg, current legislation like California’s End of Life Act, the development of court decisions over time, unqualified state interests (specifically the preservation of human life), the impact on vulnerable populations like the mentally handicapped