Do students tend to exhibit more binge eating during the exam period in university?



1) Define binge eating and what is known for students in particular. Be sure to mention: Binge eating disorder is an illness where people overeat on a regular basis. A binge is an episode of
excessive eating or drinking. People who binge eat very large quantities of food over a short period of time, even when they’re not hungry. Be sure to mention if students binge eat more than the
rest of the population.
2) Is there evidence that women binge eat more than men? If there is a lot of literature on this, add a table where you give an overview of that literature with the key concusions, e.g. one column
for the authors and year and another column with the main result, e.g. 3% of female nurses show a binge eating disorder vs. 1 %of male nurses..
3) Is there evidence that stress is a cause for binge eating? What is known about exam stress and binge eating?