Do teachers really care

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Respond to the following as a new entry in your reflection journal. Title the entry”Do teachers

really care?”

Think about the teachers you had in middle and high school. Select one teacher who showed caring to

students and one teacher who did not. Write a paragraph on each teacher, providing details and

examples to illustrate what each teacher actually did. How will reflecting on these teachers

actions help make you a better teacher? How do you think you will show your future you care about



As I see, I don’t recall any of my early years school teachers so, in the light of this situation

we need to invent two different positions with two different teachers. One as a caring teacher and

the other which is the opposite of the first one. And then at the end, give a simple but strong

closing statement to this reflection entry.
Forgot to mention that this journal entries are submitted through taskstream, which means no

plagiarism is tolerate at all. No sources or references are requested.