Does gender of the communicator influence persuasion

Consists of 4 parts. Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion. Includes 5 or more academic papers (references will be written on the last page). Hypothesis: People get interested more when a person whose gender is the same with them talk somethin from them do. Method: 100 people (58 females and 42 male) in a lecture hall will be recruited in this study. 100 then they will be randomly divided into 2 groups. To make 2 of mixed gender groups, male group another male and female groups. In addition, each group will be placed in other rooms. Group 1 will be advertised an activity carried on in summer by an Asian male whose age is 25. Gr an Asian female whose age is 25. The activity is not related to their lecture and grades. After the presentation for the advertisement, the registrations of the activity which will be open for recording the numbers of people in each group register the activities.
than a erson whose ender is different

Result: Group 1, 16 females and 18 males registered the activity Group 2, 20 females and 14 males registered the activity

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