Does the punishment fit the crime?


I need the paper to be centered around three major court cases which ask the question; Does the punishment fit the crime?

This is an outline I prepared:

Do punishments fit the crime? It is not stated in the U.S Constitution that the punishment must fit the crime. Although the Eighth Amendment does prohibit “cruel and unusual punishment,” the government does have a considerable amount of latitude in deciding the appropriate level of severity in criminal sentencing.

  1. Jacob Anderson allegedly rapes a 19-year-old freshman at a Baylor University fraternity party: receives probation/fines/mandatory counseling
    a. Discuss both sides of the case
    b. Present the facts of the case
    c. Does Mr. Anderson’s punishment fit the crime committed in this case?
  2. Beau Gormley is found guilty of 2 rapes, 1 of which occurred during the first month of his probation after being convicted of the first offense, and is sentenced to 5 years’ probation and 120-day sex offender program.
    a. Discuss the failures of the court of adequately prosecute dangerous criminals
    b. Why, in this case, was Gormley still given leniency upon his second rape conviction?
    c. Does Mr. Gormley’s punishment fit this crime?
  3. 28-year-old Michael John Hill is convicted of repeatedly raping a 15-year-old relative and sentenced to probation, even though the minimum prison sentence for a first-degree sexual assault is 12 years.
    a. Discuss why the judge in this case stated that he considered Hill’s past clean record and remorse when deciding a sentence
    b. Bring to light the details of this case as stated from both sides
    c. Does Mr. Hill’s punishment fit the crime?