DOMAIN MODEL Object Oriented Programming

Your assignment is to select an application domain that is interesting to you, and create a domain model for it. You won’t have time to actually learn about a new domain, so pick a domain that you already know about. Most domains are far too large to model in a week or two, so select some small part of your chosen domain to focus on. If you can’t think of a domain that you want to model, you may select one from the following list:
• A hospital
• A bank
• A retail or grocery store
• A University e.g EAU
• Faysal Mosque in Islamabad
• The US government
For example, if you model a hospital, you would want to model concepts such as: doctors, nurses, patients, wards, medical tests, medical charts, the admittance process, the checkout process, interactions between doctors, nurses, and patients, etc. For the Mosque you would want to model the Mosque organizational structure, interactions between the various roles in the Mosque, Mosque processes, etc.
For this assignment you will use StarUML to make your domain model diagrams. Your domain model should consist of all the important things such as concept classes, associations, attributes, types, roles etc.