Domestic and Physical Abuse




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Based on the scenario
Describe the family stage of development
Utilize the systems theory/ family development theory

Same sex couple with both parties with children. They have been married for three years.
1- Karen- 25-year-old submissive partner with a one month old newborn girl from an unplanned pregnancy. She is unemployed but otherwise healthy. She had a vaginal birth at 38 weeks.
2- Crystal- 38-year-old dominant partner with a 12-year-old son (Mark). She works at the Port Authority’s as a supervisor; she is the primary provider. The family has insurance through her job. She is healthy.
3- Mark- 12-year-old son of Crystal in the 7th grade and is healthy.
4- Destiny-one month old daughter of Karen and Keith-healthy and developing normally.
5- Keith-Father of Karen’s newborn is in the military and is deployed in another country. He is not involved or a part of the family.

Crystal is angry about Karen’s pregnancy and infidelity. As a result, Crystal is physical and verbally abusive towards Karen. This has affected the development of Crystal’s 12-year-old son Mark. He believes physical abuse is a norm as a result of acting out violently in school despite the person’s gender. Crystal has been an abuser in the past. Her upbringing has impacted her immensely and she has started to live out what she has witnessed as a child.

Karen has also has been a victim of physical abuse in the past in her heterosexual relationships. She has also witnessed her mother being abused by multiple men. Her ex-boyfriend Keith that father her baby drops in from time to time for casual sex. Keith was never abusive to Karen. Keith is unaware of the pregnancy and the birth of his daughter. Karen stays in a relationship with Crystal because she feels powerless and hopeless at times.