Domestication Theory


Domestication Theory

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Critically explain the domestication theory and use two technological artefacts (examples) to develop your analysis. Include one artefact (the electric toothbrush)
discussed in the unit and conduct your own research for the second artefact you discuss.
A minimum 8-10 peer-reviewed sociological sources i.e. books and journal articles.

The artefact discussed in the unit was and ‘Electric toothbrush” please include this as one of the technological artefacts and whatever you want for the other
technological artefact.

a case study about the electric toothbrush.

Carter, S., Green, J & Thorogood, N (2013) ‘The Domestication of An Everyday Health Technology: A Case Study of Electric Toothbrushes’ Social Theory & Health Vol. 11,
4, 344–367