Dose Google make us stupId

Dose Google make us stupId

Outline for Essay Two

I. Introduction
?    Introduce the topic and get the reader interested by pointing out why this topic is important. Show the reader how this might affect them/ their lives. What is going on in the world that makes you want to write about it right now?
?    How will you narrow this topic in? What will be your more specific focus?
?    Summarize the different stakeholders and what stake they might have in this issue. Who does this issue affect and what are they concerned about when thinking about this issue?
?    What do regular people typically think about/ how do they feel when they think about this topic?  What are some common assumptions that they make?
?    Explain why YOU are interested in this topic. What is your connection to/ interest in this topic? Before doing all this research, what assumptions do you have about this issue?
?    What is your initial research question? (It should be a question of evaluation, policy, or cause/effect.)
*Note: You should cover all this information, but you might put it in a different order. You might also end up breaking this information into more than one paragraph.

II. Body Paragraphs
?    What is the source? (Title, type of source)
?    Who is the author? (Full name first time used, last name thereafter)
?    How current is this source? How relevant is it to the issue at this moment?
?    What qualifications does this author have? How are they involved in the issue? What bias might they have?
?    Evaluate the source. How can you tell it is trustworthy?
?    What information from the source is relevant to your research question? Brief summary.
?    What is the significance of the source in terms of your research?
?    What question did you want this source to answer?
?    What did you learn that you didn’t know before?
?    How does the information relate to your initial assumptions?
?    What new questions come to mind after reading the source?
?    How does this source relate to other sources you’ve read?
?    Note: You will NOT talk about how this supports your argument, because you should not have a specific argument yet. You should just have a question and some initial thoughts on the topic.

*Tip: Your topic sentence could answer the question, “What question did you want this source to answer?” For example, you could write, “I was curious about the history of animal testing so I found this source by…”
*Try your best to use transitions to show how you got from one source to the next by describing your process.  Help us see your train of thought.
*You might separate your paragraphs by source. You can also think about talking about more than one source at once if they are closely related (the same kind of stakeholder or if they discuss a similar aspect of the topic). For instance, maybe you wanted the opinion of researchers that are in support of animal testing, and found more than one. You could talk about them at the same time, but be sure to include all the body paragraph elements for each source.

III. Conclusion
?    What are all these people really arguing about?  What is really at stake here? Think back to what the regular population thinks about this topic and their assumptions. Now that you’ve done research, what do these people not consider? What do they overlook?
?    What do all the stakeholders have in common? Where do they agree?
?    What is the real difference between all of them? Is it a problem of definition? a problem of assumptions or values? or of physical needs?
?    Think back to your original assumptions and summarize how your thoughts on the issue have changed.
?    Think back to your original research question. Will your question change now that you have read so much about the issue?