Drug sales and promotion

Drug sales and promotion

The post is a combination of two assignments
1. Drug sales and promotion

2. preschool children Philosophy Statement

Assignment 1
Drug promotion and sales

Reflect and write on the following questions, among others:
• What did you find most intriguing about the FDA Timeline on the content and sales of drugs? Why?
• Did you learn anything new about drug promotion? What?
• What did you learn regarding the Science of Influence? How important is this knowledge as part of the communications process?
• Would you submit a complaint about a potential drug promotion issue? Why or why not?
• What other question(s) may be pertinent to your reflection
Assignment 2

Preschool children Philosophy Statement

Develop your philosophy by using the developmentally appropriate approach you use with preschool children
This paper is a philosophy statement for Child Development Associate class for preschool children: Develop your Philosophy using the developmentally appropriate
approach you use with preschool children. Here are a few guided questions: What do you believe about early childhood education? What do you believe about young
children…what are their needs and how do they learn best? How do you meet these needs and provide for optimal learning? What are the elements of a good preschool
curriculum and an engaging learning environment? What are the characteristics of a good teacher in your opinion, and which ones are more important? Reflect on how a
teacher can build positive relationships with families. How would you meet the needs of children with special needs, and how to best embrace diversity i your program.