Dual Military Families


Dual military families are ones whose spouses are both in military service, and they are becoming more common. They might be in the same branch or different branches. The challenges for dual military families can be extensive and they may require a lot of support, particularly those who have children. For this Discussion, select one of the following scenarios: Imagine a married military couple serving in the same military branch, and both members have received new orders. One’s orders are for the West Coast of the United States and the other’s are for the East Coast of the United States. They have one child and a lot of family support from extended family members. Imagine a married military couple serving in separate branches, the Air Force and the Army. They have three children, one of whom ha s asthma. One received orders for Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. The other is stationed in Germany for three years. As a helping professional, what means of support or strategies might you recommend to aid the family you selected? By Day 3 Post an explanation of how the support or strategies you recommend might be effective. Select a scholarly resource to support your recommendations.