Duty Based Ethics


Eastern Ethical Systems
The approach towards ethics in Eastern traditions (such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism) is different from the approach taken in Western traditions (such as utilitarianism and deontology). For Eastern traditions, morality has typically not been a stand-alone topic whereas in Western traditions authors may write volumes only on ethics.
Another way to look at Eastern traditions is that they have a good deal to say about morality and right living, but they do not say much regarding ethics, or the evaluation of morality and why we do what we do. When ethics or moralities are addressed in Eastern traditions, the authors typically focus on the ideas of discipline, right action, or having the right character.
Perspectives such as those offered by Buddhism and Confucianism are not always easy to classify into commonly accepted (Western) frameworks. But they seek to answer similar questions about how to live well, or rightly, like Socrates did.
This competency will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of notable Eastern ethical systems through explanation and description.
Often, when one thinks of ethical perspectives in the workplace, the focus tends to be on theories such as utilitarianism and egoism. While there is certainly a place for these two theories in the workplace, there remains a whole world of different perspectives and systems. For this deliverable, you will be creating a pamphlet that highlights Eastern Ethical Systems and their benefits within the workplace. Your pamphlet will need to address the following topics:
• A description of Buddhism and Confucianism.
• Key ethical themes that run through each of these traditions.
• Describe similarities and differences between the two traditions.
• Relate themes of Buddhism and Confucianism common themes within American culture.
• Describe features of the ethical perspectives of Buddhist and Confucian traditions that would be beneficial within a workplace/community.
The pamphlet that you are creating will vary in length. Draw attention to your pamphlet by using well-placed art, an easy to read design with your content, and effective use of color.